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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kiprich babymother Miss Chin says she suck Ikon D Link cock

Dancehall artiste Ikon D Link has teamed up with Miss Chin for a song called Fuck Mi Nuh, which throws jabs at Kiprich.

The intro of the song sees Ikon singing "Di gyal inna mi bed a Kiprich woman". The song was produced by UIM records and has been receiving favorable attention on social media.

Originally Miss Chin and Ikon denied that they released the above sex picture to gain attention. However with the release of the single it is clear the picture release was a publicity stunt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fae Ellington strips down in defence of Minster and har old body Hot!!!!

People are going ballistic over Lisa Hanna's swimsuit picture. She was relaxing at the beach...and she looks good.

In 2006 the Jamaica Epilepsy Association asked 12 Jamaican women to be part of a photo shoot for a 2007 calendar, to raise funds and awareness. I thought it a good cause and participated. My month was December.

Some of the other women were Cindy Breakspeare, R Christene King, Eva Myers, Rosie Thwaites and Carolyn Cooper.

The photographer was Franz Marzouca.

Makeup by Cecile Burrowes

Appreciate the art and the cause.

The concept was not original, it came from a true story and from that the movie 'Calendar Girls' was made, starring Helen Mirrin and Julie Walters.

Why did the women decide to do the calendar?
The women decided to do the calendar to raise money to help fight leukemia after Angela Baker's husband John died from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in July 1998 at age 54.

Rent 'Calendar Girls' and watch it and then go out and do something that would help another with an illness.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sizzla and Teflon chases I Octane out of Jamboree?




Word on the street, is that reggae artistes Sizzla Kalonji and Teflon chased I Octane out of popular stage show West Kingston Jamboree lastnight, forcing the artiste to leave without performing.

According to an eyewitness, I Octane was about to enter the platform to perform when Sizzla and his entourage chased him from behind the stage while telling the MC that he wanted to perform. 

Sizzla later called on Teflon and they both performed an extended set, Sizzla is also said to have stayed behind after his performance blocking the entrance, to ensure that I Octane did not touch the microphone.


Another eyewitness claims that I Octane was slapped around by Sizzla's entourage, however that has not been confirmed. 


I Octane


Cassidy defeats battle rapper Dizaster after 12 year hiatus


While fans weren't happy with the way things played out when Cassidy and Diz first stepped on stage at FilmOn TV's "Ether" event, the rescheduled battle that took place the following day was a big success.  Dizaster acknowledged that Cassidy's performance was cleaner, during his post-battle interview with VladTV, and now Cassidy is claiming that he 3-0'd the veteran battler.  

He also reflected on his business decision to wait until he was offered $250k to battle, and how he'll most likely battle again in the near future since there is more "chicken" being offered to those who compete in the sport.  Cassidy doesn't have any intended targets on his lyrical hitlist, but is ready to battle anyone as long as the money is right.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cassidy and Dizaster battle ended abruptly

The highly  anticipated  Ether battle between Cassidy and  Dizaster  ended abruptly lastnight after  both  rappers apparently brought  fans to  boo each other. The boos were so  immense for each round that the battle could not  take place and the organizers had to pull the plug on the event . Viewers also complained that the coverage was poor.

Cassidy received 250,000 for the battle to take place and pulled thousands of viewers to the event. It is currently uncertain if there will be a rematch or will they use the one round to decide on a winner.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bunny Wailer pissed at Government for slow ganga progress

Bunny Wailer has expressed his dissatisfaction at the slow pace the Government was moving in regards to the decriminalisation of marijuana, saying their failure to capitalise on its use has opened the doors for yet another international company to market a product with which the world associates Jamaica.

"Jamaica is still moving too slow and has been focused on the low hanging fruit," he said, pointing out that the cultural and competitive advantage that Jamaica has with marijuana must now be used to not only oppose the deal set up by the Seattle-based company, but should also send a message to other international companies.

"Only a Jamaican company incorporating local stakeholders, the Rastafarian community, local ganja farmers, medical scientists and investors should be allowed to market Brand Jamaica Ganja first-hand, every other company outside of Jamaica should follow suit."
Several states in the U.S have already legalized Marijuana.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Female deejay releases Pictures having sex with deejay Ikon d (ZipFmTower)

Remember Ikon D Link? Yes that artiste who climbed the Zip Fm Tower for airplay?
Well he is back again seeking attention and has decided to team up with another dancehall artiste to release pictures on the internet taking part in sexual activities.

The female dancehall artiste is called Miss Chin and was a failed contestant in the Magnum Kings and Queen of dancehall competition.

The picture is currently doing rounds on social media. Miss Chin's mother must be so proud...congrats.