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Friday, August 22, 2014

Floyd Mayweather cant read, click to see video of Floyd Struggling to Read!!

You gotta step your game up champ! You got the funds so get a tutor.

Foota Hype says he is not Watching Ishawna's Pussy!

Foota Hype

Dancehall/reggae DJ Foota Hype has responded to allegations that he is spying on his ex-girlfriend Ishawna following the release of her song called Restraining Order which alleges that she is being stalked by an ex-lover.

The song did not state that Foota Hype was the stalker, however in a lengthy video he says Ishawna cannot diss him because he build her...which is quite true. Nobody gave a shit about Ishawna for years, only Foota Hype. But hey, here is the video.


We can see why the nigga still going crazy over that pussy even though he fucked her a million times.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jamaican rapper Bobby Shmurda has the hottest Rap song in America!


Jamaican rapper Bobby Shmurda has sparked a dance craze called the Shmoney Dance with his single Hot Ni**a. The rapper is based in New York and has received over 10 million views for the song and was recently signed by Epic Records.

Controversial cultural Hip Hop critic and media personality Charlamage recently commended the rapper for his overnight success. He also credited the rapper's ability to get people dancing to his Jamaican background. Charlamange also said Bobby Shmurda reminded him of iconic Jamaican rapper Heavy D.

"I like Bobby Shmurda, you know why? Because he is having fun. He is Jamaican, and he makes people dance in the club. I don't know when New Yorkers got too cool to dance. Heavy D used to dance. I was in London and the first song the DJ played was Bobby Shmurda, and the entire club was wilding," the usually tough critic said.

Hot Nia has several cover versions from several underground and commercially successful rappers, including Acehood, T.I., Juicy J, Corey Gunz, French Montana, and Lil Kim. Several stars including Beyonce´, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and K. Michelle have also posted videos of themselves doing the comedic Shmurda dance move. Elephant Man also released a song called Shmoney Dance in an attempt to improve the song's popularity in Jamaica.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gramma Zone releases debut video for Notnice

Stacious goes nude for attention to single



Dancehall artiste Stacious has gone partially nude to promote her new old school flavored single.

The deejay is known for her single Come Into My Room with Mavado. However she has been relatively quiet since she announced that she was no longer in Alliance.

 The promotional flyer shows the curvy deejay exposing her huge breasts for the world to see, and we are going to assist her with that by positing it here. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

List of Dancehall artistes who Should Climb Zip FM Tower to boost dying careers

Here are a list of artistes that should perhaps follow suicidal dancehall artiste iKon D Link and climb the tower of Zip Fm in an attempt to revive their dying careers.


This young artiste, damaged his own reputation by endorsing battywash while living in an homophobic country. Battywash is using the tongue to stimulate the rectum. Alkaline needs to climb the tower and beg the Jamaican fanbase to forgive him or if not...JUMP!

Blak Ryno

This deejay fell from grace after leaving Vybz Kartel's Gaza alleging that he was assaulted by Kartel's men. His career has never been the same since. They say Popcaan stole his style and made it more catchy. But we say, climb the Zip FM tower and beg Liquid some airplay  or Jump!!


This artiste has been signed to Bigship Records for over a decade and has failed to win one dancehall fan or solidify himself as a relevant dancehall artiste. Any artiste who was signed to Bigship during their most successful era in music and didnt buss, definitely needs to climb the Zip FM tower and beg some airtime...or JUMP!

Chase Cross

This rapjay is signed to Mavado's Gully Side camp. He had a lil flame going for his career in late 2000s, but dissed Bounty Killer and has been on a downward spiral since. Chase Cross needs to definitely jump from the Zip Fm tower...or beg Bounty Killer for forgiveness.

D Angel

 She was only on the radio during her marriage to dancehall artiste Beenie Man. The controversy boosted her popularity, but as soon as cheating issues surfaced and the marriage ended, so did her career. D Angel needs to climb that Zip FM tower and beg Liquid a strength.

Deablo J.O.P

Deablo this fresh act is a founding member of Aidonia's camp. To date Deablo is one of the hardest artiste to buss, despite being quite lyrical. It is either Aidonia's fans are not loyal to his artistes or he clearly needs a change of camp. Anyway Deablo needs to climb the Zip FM tower and beg for airplay or just JUMP!


This Alliance artiste has been a part of the crew for almost a decade and is yet to breakout. Iyara needs to go wash off at Portland mineral or climb that Zip FM tower and Jump. "DJ Liquid could you please assist in this young man's career?" . Even Kalado join Alliance yesterday and buss leave Iyara...and again its not because he is not good.smh

Justus (the white dude)

Ja Productions producer Justus, has not received a hit rhythm since his friend and partner Roach was sadly murdered while leaving an event. Justus needs to climb that tower and demand some respect for Roach's legacy.


This young artiste Masicka is not witty lyrically, but he definitely has good rhyming skills and good flows. However he has dissed almost 90% of the music industry and basically blackballed himself. Masicka needs to climb the Zip FM pole and beg forgiveness from all the artistes he dissed that are suffocating his career, because obviously Konshens can't save him, he couldn't even save Delus or Darrio. Not even  radio play can help you obviously. So apologize or else JUMP!


This artiste has been in the U.S for over three years and has collaborated with over 10 hip hop artistes including Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. However his debut album was a failure and he is yet to sell any records, not even with his collaborations. Unlike Bounty Killer who sold platinum with No Doubt or even Busy Signal who sold platinum in Europe with Major Lazer. Seriously Mavado cant even sell platinum in Europe? He definitely should climb the Empire State building in the U.S and JUMP or if you want to go the radio route, there must be a high enough tower at Hot 97 or Power 105.

Mr Peppa

This artiste received two hit songs in the early 2000s but has failed to make an impact since. He recently tried with a Bounty Killer collab, but we think its best if he climbed the Zip FM tower for some inspiration...maybe something with JUMP in his mind.


Popcaan was soaring under the Gaza camp, making friends with Drake and other rappers. However as soon as Vybz Kartel kicked him to the curb for his alleged disloyalty, the artiste has been struggling to make hits with fluidity. He is already getting plays at Zip FM. So we think he should climb the prison wall and plead to Vybz Kartel, so that he can get regain relevance. 

Potential Kidd

This Trench Town artiste rose to overnight stardom with A Ya Suh Nice, however his career ended as soon as it started after persons began to complain about his controversial lyrics in the single. He also suffered another serious career blow when his manager/cousin, robbed all his money from tour and left him flat broke. Potential Kidds needs a break, help him out Zip FM. Nuh badda mek him jump.


This deejay had a wave of hits in early 2000, however his music quickly faded as other catchy slangs replaced his 'mad' antics. Predator just climb Zip tower and do what any mad man would do...


This fresh act tattooed his face to get attention and here it is its working, because he made the list. However unlike his tattoo, his music has failed to stand out in the public domain. Like iKon D Link, we think Radijah should be looking for the highest tower to JUMP!

Raine Seville

Sexy she definitely is, and sex appeal she has, but Raine Seville is really one of the hardest balloons to burst in the local music industry. She has worked with some of the biggest names in local production and is yet to stamp her name as a brand. She already tried the stripping down shock value, so I guess all that is left for her to do is try the Zip FM tower and JUMP for the air play!

Mr Lexx

This veteran deejay had a lot going for him in the 90s until he crashed his own career by getting married to a groupie, after the marriage crumbled so did his career. He further sank himself deeper after he messed around and lost his U.S visa. Mr Lexx has released several songs in recent times, with none making an impact. Maybe he should have cemented himself in Europe when he was hot, instead of running down Jamaica hype and U.S hype. But there is always that faithful Zip FM pole waiting on you, when woman and music have failed.