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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sexxx Tape with Lady Saw and Mr Lexxx

Dancehall artistes Lady Saw and Mr Lexx are among several artistes said to be on sexxx tape which is to be soon released by Truckback Records. Others on the sexxx tape include Natalie Storm and another young entertainer.

This leak, which is said to be done by producers at Truckback Records, has had dancehall fans' ears cocked as they await further information and look towards a possible release date of next week.
But is this tape real or is it just hoax?

Many are wondering if talk of a sexxx tape is just another promotional means being utilised by the producers or if they actually have their hands on such material.

Social networking website Twitter was one of the many places where news that the recording company will soon release the sexxx tape popped up.

'Truckback nuh fraid a nuh body, we nah hide!!!!!! Wha!!!! Mi sey mi have di SEXXX TAPE wid some Artiste!!!! Unno tink unno can beat mi?' read one tweet from Truckback Records' page.

Another read: 'Wonder if them going to hate us truckback care zero sexxx tape wid the artiste fi buss'.
A few of the entertainers who are said to be on the tape also took to the website with their tweets among which read, 'Truckback what the hell u talking about what sex tape u have with me send it out now' and 'Look!!!! As for the issue a sex tape wid me an (name omitted).. I have no comment.'

After a few calls to a member of the production company, The Media failed to get a comment on the matter.
Truckback Records is known for runaway hits such as Erup's Click Mi Finger and I-Octane's Lose A Friend.

The sex tape is the name of a dancehall rhythm. smh smutty

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