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Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Pussy Females Blaming Men? See Video !!

Rihanna and Chris Brown Kiss Suck Out Tongue..How u like that Drake??

This was the scene from the recently concluded VMAs. Ri Hanna and Mr Brown are back kissing. I guess Chris Brown didnt take a smack ina the face by Drake in the Club for nothing.

So he will be stabbing that caribbean coochie again!!!!

We saw this coming from that birthday collaboration they did since year.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is Yendi Engaged to Chino?

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Yendi Phillips was spotted at smile Jamaica wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring. The streets are now wondering if Chino has popped the question.

There is a type of marrige called the 'shot gun' by sociological term. That would be a situation where couples decide to get married only because of an high profile pregnancy.


We wish them the best of patient through it all.

Worst fashion of The Summer Nominees!!!

These Trannies were spotted in public thinking they were the shit...only to find out they were literally the shit.

Because they made the DTO fashion fail of the summer list.


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Porn Star Raises Son and still sex for money!!


Ice La Fox (born February 28, 1983 in Miami, Florida is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and nude model. Ice La Fox is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent.[2]

La Fox was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is the adult film actress and director Angela DeAngelo.

Fox took a year off from the business until July 2008, when she returned with DD-cup breast implants.


Ice La Fox received an AVN Award for sucking cock the best in 2007 (Best oral scene) check it out if you think its a joke.

Right now the actress is still doing porn and she is raising a child as well. Yes she has a son.

Note as mentioned above her mother was also a porn actress and Ice la fox became the same woman her mother was. So is it fair for children to grow in certain environment? Its not our business but we hope the son chooses a different path for his mother.

You know what they say. Children live what they learn, wonder if the boy is proud of mommy's career? We know her mother must be.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Usain Bolt To Play for Manchester United!!!!



The sprint king — who is a huge Red Devils fan — could appear in a glittering friendly next season.

Bolt, 25, was guest of honour at United’s first home game of the season against Fulham, when fans cheekily urged boss Sir Alex Ferguson to “sign him up”.


Now Ferguson, 70, has hinted he could make the Jamaican’s lifelong ambition come true.

He told Inside United magazine: “Usain’s a character and a big United fan.


“But it’s interesting he says he’d like to play in a charity game. It could be brilliant, and next year when we play Real Madrid’s Legends again, there could be opportunities to bring him up and see how he does.”

Just last month, Bolt told The Sun he would happily quit athletics for a spot in the United squad.


Fergie also revealed how he cashed in after backing Bolt to win the 100m and 200m at the London Games.

He said: “I must thank him because that was my biggest bet. Bolt was 4/5 to win each of them a week before the Olympics started. It was a brilliant bet.”



Ferguson added: “I watched all the Olympics. For us to get 29 gold medals was terrific. It was probably the most uplifting thing that’s happened in Britain for a long, long time.”



Mavado and Tommy Lee Will Not Collaborate!!


Tommy Lee and Mavado's have distanced themselves from fake Facebook accounts that have been created on their behalves. 


Both camps have denounced the pages after a Facebook page called 'Mavado The Real David Brooks' posted an update stating that Mavado collaborated with Tommy Lee, Notnice, So Unique Records, Popcaan and Snoop Lion on a new single. 


Several websites quickly began to spread the rumour. However, upon contacting Mavado's manager, Julian Jones Griffiths, he said the Facebook page under Mavado's name was fraud.

"No that Facebook page is not real. The official fan page has 820,000 likes. Anybody who has the time and inclination to really sit down and make a false Facebook page, or any other social media account, really has too much time on their hands How Mavado fi do recordings with Notnice? Isn't Notnice a dancer?" Griffiths continued.

sad and lonely person

"It must be a sad and lonely person who does things like that, they really do need a woman in their life and probably a job and a social life," he said.

Griffiths agreed that Mavado recorded a song with Snoop Lion, however, he says Popcaan was added to the song without Mavado's knowledge.

"Mavado did a song with Snoop Lion for Snoop's upcoming reggae album. It was supposed to feature another iconic dancehall act but he didn't do it. So Snoop ended up using a Popcaan verse he already had. Mavado felt hijacked by that as we agreed who the featured act was going to be. But Snoop was on a Rasta unity tip and called Mavado, and explained he wanted Mavado to give his blessing to having Popcaan appear on the record. Mavado is not one to fight youths or young artistes, so he told Snoop to go ahead," he said.

He said fans of Mavado can connect with the artiste through his original Facebook page at

Likewise, dancehall act Tommy Lee also denounced the Facebook page created on his behalf. According to Tommy Lee he too has problems with fake social network account.

"The 'Original Tommy Lee Facebook page' is not me. My real page is, the rest of them is not me. Some bwoy a frame mi, all a beg people credit and tek people money fi dub, and a tell di gyal dem one bag a freaky ting. Mi want di people dem know sey mi nuh have nothing fi duh wid dat," Tommy Lee said.

"Mi a beg unno please don't tek nuh money from people and nuh beg nothing under Tommy Lee name nor sey nuh freaky things to the girls because mi nuh freaky. Leggo dem loose thing deh if yuh have respect fi mi yu wouldn't duh dat. It betta yu link up and duh some work wid mi because unno have nuff people pan unno page wey sey Tommy Lee same way," he said.

Meanwhile, So Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood refuted the Facebook post distancing himself from the Gully camp.

"So Unique Records has no part in that. Gully a Gully and Gaza a Gaza, no combination nor affiliation," he said. 


Tommy Lee also downplayed the Popcaan, Mavado collaboration.

"No nothing nuh guh suh from yu nuh see it inna di newspaper it nuh real. Mi nuh inna nuh problem wid nuh artiste dun know a Gaza mi seh and if Mavado and Kartel good, mi wouldn't have nuh problem a record wid him. But nothing nuh guh suh, a hear mi hear bout it to," Tommy Lee said. 





Monday, September 3, 2012

Popcaan Says Vybz Kartel Cant Stop him from Saying Gaza



Dancehall artiste Popcaan, once believed to be one of incarcerated DJ Vybz Kartel's loyal lieutenants, has spoken out about his Gaza status on Saturday night during his back-to-school treat at 3 West, Greater Portmore.

"Gaza fe life," he said while expressing that not even Kartel can stop him from seh Gaza, confirming his stance in the Gaza movement.

Rumours have been swirling recently that the relationship between Kartel and Popcaan had broken down. 


It was also reported recently that Kartel, while awaiting trial on multiple charges, ordered that the Portmore Empire be disbanded, and allegedly created a new group called PG-13, with new sensation Tommy Lee as a headliner. Popcaan, however, was not included. 


However, on Saturday night, while on stage, Popcaan gave kudos, to the self-proclaimed World Boss, as he said: "Big up to Kartel who played a major role in what Popcaan has become as an artiste today." 





Jamaican Residents Beat the Shit Out Of a Thief/Murderer: see pics



A suspect who was wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a farmer in Trelawny was chopped and beaten to death by an angry mob in a section called Lowe Key located in Litchfield, Trelawny.


We have a picture of the victim below , VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. 


Here is what was left of the alleged Murderer


Jamaican police Murders Pregnant Woman!!!

Saturday is one day 's family will want to forget, but will always remember. It was on that day the eight-month pregnant woman was shot dead by a policeman in the Yallahs square, St Thomas, and her sister shot and injured.

Now the family is left to face the fact that not only will they have to go on without her, but they will have to painstakingly explain to her two remaining children, ages nine and five, why they will see their mother no more and who is responsible.

The grief and anger were evident in Logwood district, Yallahs, yesterday, as family and friends gathered at her home to express their shock and show support.

last conversation

Her father, Eric, remembered Kay-Ann, who was his second of seven children, as a comedian. This caused persons to always want to be in her company. "She was a friendly person. Everyone liked her," he recalled in a dejected tone. "She liked to give jokes, she was a little joker."

He recounted the last conversation he had with her a few days before her death. "She seh to mi, 'daddy suppose you see how mommy get fat, a now u woulda want fi deh back with mommy'," he said, adding that his daughter was unemployed at the time of her death but was by no means unemployable as she was skilled at doing nails and weaving hair.

As the small group stood at the entrance to the house, some bowed and shook their heads, others looked on in bewilderment, yet others were too overcome with anger to show any other emotion.

One thing was evident, everyone condemned the killing as they remembered Kay-Ann, the life she lived, and knew she didn't deserve such a gruesome 'send off'.

Kay-Ann's stepmother, Naomi Mcleod, who nurtured her from childhood, told THE STAR that she was angry at the incident. She reasoned that Kay-Ann had made plans to find out the sex of her unborn child next week as she was scheduled to undergo an ultrasound.

Kay-Ann's shooting occurred in full view of several people, maybe none were more affected than her sister, Chem, who was with her sisters when they were shot. In fact, she narrowly escaped death as she alleges that the gun was pointed at her following her sisters' shooting.

Chem said she and her sisters had just returned from shopping in Kingston where Kay-Ann's handbag containing her cellphone and other things were stolen. This, she. said, is what caused Kay-Ann to use an expletive as she cursed about losing her phone.

"We come from town and come off a bus and we a talk and meanwhile we a talk she curse a bad word, and a police come up to her and said him overhear her curse a bad word," Chem recalled.

She said the cop tried to take Kay-Ann who refused claiming that everyone uses expletives, including the police themselves. She said as other police officers watched the incident unfolded.

It is alleged that the lawman drew his weapon and shot Kay-Ann in the head. She immediately fell to the ground and was shot again - in the head. The other sister she said, was then shot in the shoulder.

injured women

It was then that the other police officers ran over. Some placed the injured women in a jeep and took them to hospital while others took the policeman into the Yallahs Police Station nearby.

By this time, residents who had witnessed the incident became irate and began blocking the square and calling for justice. The demonstration continued until late in the night forcing cops to call for reinforcement to bring things under control.

Yesterday, the police said the cop involved in the incident has since been removed from front-line duty and his family placed under protection.

The Independent Commission of Investigations has launched a probe into the matter. 

See the STAR.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee Diss Popcaan!!!!



A new song was released last night produced by Adijahiem Records. The song features Vybz kartel and current blazing hot deejay Tommy Lee and is called Betray Di Gaza Boss.

The song sends message that appears to be going at Popcaan. In the lyrics Tommy lee says Popcaan should desist from calling up his name at stage shows because he does not love men.

Vybz Kartel further chastises the young artiste by saying that since his incarceration Popcaan has not been loyal. He also says the artiste should stop taking about Gaza in performances he should instead talk about plaza.

The song is below, however listen and make your own judgement.

Looks like Popcaan is on his own now